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After the main road to my course was closed for our entire busy season, I became obsessed with learning how to market my course more effectively. I went to many golf trade shows and got great ideas, but never a good strategy with how to implement them. It just seemed like most golf courses relied more on word of mouth and never really proactively marketed their course.

That's when I decided to venture into the online marketing world and learn how to use social media to market my course with a strategy in place. After attending my first online marketing conference, I came back to my golf course with a new way of thinking. 

You'll never believe this, but it worked! I applied what I learned from an online marketing conference where they taught me about sales funnels and how to properly get social media to work for my local business and had great success. 

Now, I'm sharing my findings with YOU, my fellow golf course operator.

Here's What You'll Have Access to in FB Marketing for Golf


In this Module, you’ll learn the mindset that you have to take in order to be successful with online marketing. The fact is that golfers are introduced to your golf course long before they drive in the parking lot, so we talk about what are the things your course needs to do in order to make a great first impression.


The Plan. This module is one that most golf courses completely skip. They notice it that it’s going to rain most of next week, then come up with a way to get people to their course. It’s all very reactionary. In this module, we’re going to work on your strategy and your game plan. What are the goals for your business and how are you going to define them?


I have bad news for you. The 90’s are gone. Yet most golf courses still act along the philosophy that if you build it, they will come. Those days are gone. Now, you need to reach your hand out and invite people to your golf course. That invite comes in the form of an offer.


In the Ad module, we’ll go through every type of ad that FB offers. There are many ways to entice your customer. We’ll go over the anatomy of an ad and how to create video and images that sell your course.


My favorite module! In the Audience module, we’ll talk about the common audiences like picking golf interests and location. Then, we’ll dive deep into the power of FB and how you can build audiences off of your email list and from people who have visited your website.


The Launch Module is where most people begin. They bother to go through the dirty work of making sure your ad strategy is a success. We’ll take a look at how to navigate the Ads Manager to get the most from your marketing.


FB Marketing for Golf is designed, so that you, the course operator, know what you’re talking about. Even if you hire someone to take care of your ads, you need to develop the overall strategy for your golf course. Most importantly, you need to know the questions to ask and where to look to make sure you’re reaching maximum potential.


We’re not talking about the customer service at your course. The Charm goes beyond what your staff is doing to charm your customers. There are many ways to automate your business where your golfers will continue to return to your course again and again.

See What Some Industry Leaders Have to Say. . .

Allison George is the golf operators "unimpeachable, open-handed, cheerleader." You will love her infectious love of golf and desire to share her profitable ideas and success with everyone. So grab her tested knowledge, have fun, and get ready to roll!

Liz Doyle - Course Owner Diamond Woods Golf Course 

I have known Allison for over ten years. She is always innovative in her ability to market her family's golf course. Her enthusaism is contagious and she will teach you everything she knows about how to properly marketing your golf course using today's technology and strategies.

Scott Merchant Golfbook.com 

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All of the course materials, downloads and instruction is provided in a member only website. You'll be able to follow along and learn at your own pace after each module is released.

Each module is comprised of several short video lessons. Downloadable worksheets and lesson summaries are also available, so no matter how you learn, I have you covered. 

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Meet the Creater of the FB Marketing for Golf

Allison George, the Wizard of Fun at her family's golf course, has grown up in the golf business. She uses practical and easy-to-implement solutions to market her golf business. She has done nearly every job on the course from picking up trash to managing.

She understands that golf course operators wear many hats, and it's a tough job to juggle all of the responsibilities. FB Marketing for Golf is a strategy that will work for every golf course. It helps you automate your sales team, provides leads, and fills your tee sheet.

I tell my kids all of the time, There's only way way to eat an elephant. You gotta do it one bite at a time. Picture this onlin course as me hand delivering that beautiful morsel one bite at a time. Let's Do This!